Freeze Agreement Traduzione

Posted On Tuesday, September 21, 2021

[1] It looks like she sings on mountains that are very far away, because word order is not traditional and she uses a pronoun (`ne` = her) as an article when the Finnish language has no articles. [2]literally: “shines with a glow.” [3] literally: “It must stay”, but I think in this case, she thinks that her feelings must be left aside. [4] Did you already know? Many Finnish words end on -aan, so if the translator is lazy, they add words like “saan” (I get, I can) at the end of the line just to make it rhyme. Here it is simply overexploited and irritates native speakers. [5] Another nonsense word like this is “niin” (i.e. a concordance sound. it has many meanings), because many words end in “-iin” [6]The third favorite word for bad poets is “nä”, which is the same word as nämä (“this”) in the spoken language. You still use it as an item. [7] I don`t want to just beat up this song: huurreruusu is now my favorite Finnish word. When it is very cold very quickly, the frost makes floral patterns on the windows and this is what we call “kuurankukka” (frostblume). Huurreruusu (Frostrose) is prettier for my ear and this is the first time I`ve heard it.

[8] Aaa and we leave here. the sequence of words in this line is simply false and has very little meaning. [9] I don`t know what she meant. The singular does not look correct. [10] I had to change the order of the lines, otherwise it wouldn`t have made sense in English. It`s the same. Disney`s songs from the 90s were great in Korean, but no more. Exclusion of liability: the official Finnish version is not very good. The Finnish language simply does not work as it uses it in this text. It looks awkward and scary, and some parts of them just don`t make sense. I`m sorry, this song irritates me. I didn`t even list all the things that are wrong, just the most obvious.

The original English version is so powerful and awesome, but the (official) Finnish translation takes it down. Normally, official translations of disney songs are much better, I think they just couldn`t be arsed. Are Korean versions of Disney songs usually good? Disney songs from the 90s were great in Finnish, especially compared to other children`s cartoons at that time. Disney really tried to translate the songs correctly, but I think it`s not that important anymore. It`s a kind of Korean version. The Korean version of Let It Go has several mistakes that I don`t like….