Indoctrination Agreement

Posted On Thursday, September 23, 2021

The authorization of access to the SCI is determined by an SSBI or PR. As the same exam is used to deliver top secret shares, the two are often written together in the form of TS/SCI. Individuals with a security clearance can be “read” in ICS as part of their work. You must obtain explicit permission to access an SCI system or control compartment. This process may include a polygraph or other approved investigative or decision action. As soon as it has been established that a person should have access to a sci compartment, he signs a confidentiality agreement, is “read” or indoctrinated, and the fact of this access is recorded in a local access register or in a computer database. In the event of termination of a given compartment, the employee is “read” or requested and signs the confidentiality agreement again. Within the federal government of the United States of America, SAPs are security protocols providing top-secret information with security measures and access restrictions going beyond regular classified (guaranteed) information. An AMP may impose stricter investigation or evaluation requirements, specific confidentiality agreements, specific terminologies or markings, exclusion from standard contractual examinations (carve-outs), and centralized baton systems.

It can be a kind of black project. An SAP can only be initiated, modified and completed within its department or agency. Examples of SAPs are: SCI, NATO, CNWDI, RD, FRD and SIOP-ESI. According to the SCI definition, there is a requirement that the person need to obtain the information and be read in the program. It is possible to submit to the Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI), which is required to access top secret information without being read in an SCI program. SCI access can also be granted at the Secret level. The Special Access Program (SAP) is a high state of forced need-to-know and only a minimal number of shared people access SAP information. For example, those with SAP access have shares at the SECRET and TOP SECRET levels. Conversely, not everyone who has been released for SECRET and TOP SECRET has access to SAP information. It was put in place to control access, distribution and protection of sensitive classified information that goes beyond what is normally necessary.

› Exercise Assessment Guide eegs contains the information once access to the SCI has been granted, the successful candidate must sign an SCI confidentiality agreement and receive an initial briefing. The Cognizant Security Authority (CSA) presents both. The Cognizant Security Authority must also present annual “refresh” briefings for people with access to secret documents. People with access to SCIs/ICS need regular follow-up every five years. If access to the SCI is no longer required, the Cognizant Security Authority is responsible for the debriefing of the data subject.. . . .