Sap Rebate Agreement Configuration

Posted On Sunday, April 11, 2021

Credit rebates are discount agreements in which discounts are received by a supplier. The types of reduction conditions are identified by the condition class – C. After defining and establishing types of packaging for discounts, include them in the pricing process. In this case, the requirements should be 24, which means that the limits are calculated on the basis of the invoice/bill. The other Alctyp and Altcbv fields do not allow you to manipulate the calculation of a discount. Also remove requirement 24 if you want to see discounts at the time of order. This means that this discount reflects the anticipated value as soon as the billing document has been established. Create the “partial discount compensation” (credit) billing document in reference to the “partial compensation requirement” using the “VF01” reservation code. The partial counting of a discount agreement takes into account all partial payments. The amount of payments may be limited to the amount that would be paid if the final settlement were being implemented, adjusting to the cumulative limits of the condition registration. Discounts are not paid until after the validity period of the rebate contract has expired. Thus, the system tracks all billing documents (bills, credits and invoices) that are relevant to the processing of discounts in SAP SD. The system automatically reserves demarcations.

By creating limits, you`ll get an overview of the cumulative value of the discount. Note: The `B3` billing method is the same as `G2`. Apart from that, for the “discount count” field, we give the value “C” (partial compensation for a discount agreement). Please also note that when setting up rebates without depending on materials, you should refer to billing material based on the debtor/material. Type of contract 0005 (Regardless of the volume of sale) This type of agreement allows a lump sum payment to a debtor. Because it is independent of sales volume, no limit is generated automatically. As a general rule, a manual delimitation is generated for the amount of the agreement and payments are made over the duration of the agreement until the final count is made. Note: If you keep the amount of the requirement with the requirement of 24 – the discount is assigned in the billing document, and if you do not indicate the requirement as 24, your discount will be influenced by the order. When you make manual payments, you will set the amount you can pay during partial compensation. You only use a partial tally if the discount agreement is set for an entire year, but payments must be made for a specified period of time. B, for example monthly, quarterly or otherwise. These limits are based on the volume of sales and, when booking, billing is established as follows: A discount is a financial payment that encourages increased revenue growth of an organization.