Service Agreement Contract For It

Posted On Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Can someone help me? I need a simple service contract, one that is not so confused with legal. Just a simple basic agreement form that I can get my clients to sign for authorization to perform IT services. If you have other legal requirements, check out our full list of customizable service agreements for each industry. Other names for this document: Information technology service contract, computer contract 5. LUMP SUM DAMAGES FOR THE RECRUITMENT OF EMPLOYEES OF MY COMPANY: when the client directly or indirectly uses the services (whether as an employee, independent contractor or otherwise) of an employee of MY COMPANY (or a former employee within three months of the termination of the employee of MY COMPANY) who has provided services to the client on behalf of my company, The customer agrees that MY COMPANY will be damaged, but that the amount of this damage will be difficult to determine. Accordingly, the Customer agrees that the Customer shall pay MY COMPANY twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) in lump sum damages for each such MY COMPANY employee hired by the Customer. Notwithstanding the foregoing, for the purposes of this Section 5, “MY COMPANY Collaborators” includes only MY COMPANY employees who provide services to MY COMPANY clients and not accountants, lawyers or other independent contractors of MY COMPANY who themselves provide services to MY COMPANY. The service provider shall have the right to subsedit some or all of its obligations under this Agreement. Care should be taken to ensure that subcontractors are engaged in such a way that they are compatible with the “main agreement”. An IT outsourcing contract is also available from Simply-Docs and was created at the same time as this model to ensure compatibility. Whether you need a software installation or a complex network, an IT service contract clarifies the working agreement between you and your IT provider. Since many companies don`t need a full-time IT department, you can save money by hiring contractors while ensuring the job is done right. Create a free IT service contract.

We will guide you through the process to make things easy. that legal, which you don`t want, is the crux of a contract.