Zoho Saas Agreement

Posted On Thursday, April 15, 2021

This agreement represents the whole agreement between you and Zoho with regard to its purpose and replaces and binds all previous proposals, agreements and communications. The waiver or amendment of this agreement is effective only if it is written down and signed by both parties. They cannot surrender, delegate or delegate rights or obligations arising from this agreement, and any unauthorized assignment is null and void. Zoho may transfer this agreement and its rights and obligations to one of its related companies or to a merger, reorganization, takeover or other transfer of any or most of any assets or security guaranteed by the voting right to which this agreement relates. This agreement does not create or involve a partnership, agency or joint venture. We may block your user account or temporarily suspend all or part of access to a service in the event of suspected illegal activity, long periods of inactivity or requests from enforcement agencies or other government agencies. Objections to suspending or deactivating user accounts should be addressed to legal@zohocorp.com within 30 days of the blocking being entered. We can cancel a blocked or disabled user account after 30 days. We will also terminate your account at your request. If you sign in to an account for your organization, you can specify one or more administrators. Administrators have the right to set up services to meet your needs and manage end-users in your organization account. If your organization account is created and set up by a third party on your behalf, it is likely that that third party has assumed the role of administrator of your organization.

Be sure to reach an agreement with such a third party indicating the roles and limitations of that party as an administrator of your organization account. You are responsible for taking the necessary steps to ensure that your organization does not lose control of the administrative accounts. You can specify a process for restoring control in the event of loss of control of admin accounts by sending an email to legal@zohocorp.com, provided the process is acceptable to Zoho. In the absence of a specific process for restoring admin accounts, Zoho may provide a person with control of a director account that will provide Zoho with satisfactory proof of authorization to act on behalf of the organization. They accept that Zoho should not be held responsible, in good faith, for the consequences of Zoho`s action in this regard. The agreement grants the customer a license to use the software subject to a number of conditions that can be optimized on a case-by-case basis. Therefore, a maintenance or support service clause in a SaaS agreement makes no sense. A simpler agreement with fewer points of disagreement would avoid unnecessary back-and-forth negotiations on every minute of the agreement. You can consider a simpler SaaS agreement for your customers. On the contrary, a saaS agreement is a service level agreement (SLA). For example, if the vendor corrects an error in the software or updates it to a new version, the customer automatically benefits in most cases.