April Kate is now on BUZZ!

Posted On Friday, March 17, 2017

Strange headline?  April Kate is the name of a new fashion blog on the Outlets of Mississippi‘s website (www.outletsofms.com), a part of The Connection.  You can find three of April Kate’s blogs under the tab on the website called BUZZ.

The first blog post is an introduction of April Kate to her readers.  April Kate states, “Ok…I’ve got to confess. By no means am I some uppity fashion expert straight out of Hollywood who lives, breaths and eats fashion. I’m a normal gal just like you who’s had my fair share of embarrassing and mismatched outfits. You’ve got to experience the bad to get to the good sometimes. And if you were someone who prayed for me to have better fashion sense, bless you!”  Then, she dishes her fashion advice to her readers based on the offerings from the Outlets of Mississippi’s over 80 brands!  The first post (http://www.outletsofms.com/trends/get-to-know-april-kate/10688/) is great, but she gets better!

The second post which appeared on March 9 is particularly appropriate to us folks in Mississippi as it is all about dressing for St. Patrick’s Day!  Mississippi celebrates this wonderful Irish Holiday not only today, but tomorrow in Jackson where there will be a great party, and parade! April Kate dishes out a couple of fantastic outfits from the Outlets of Mississippi (http://www.outletsofms.com/trends/erin-go-bragh-yall/10697/) based here in Pearl.  Gotta love this girl’s style!

On to the third and most recent post of March 16 which is entitled “Nature’s Inspiration”.  April Kate says, “Nature is one of my greatest inspirations. The green leaves that burst through in the Spring; sunset when the sky is showing out in all her glory with rich tones of oranges, purples and blues; a tall mountain, fierce at site, demanding both my respect and awe. Yes, nature is an inspiration like no other and also serves as a guide when it comes to fashion.”  She highlights outfits which get their inspiration from the Spring season, from the Outlets of Mississippi which is closer than you think, (http://www.outletsofms.com/trends/natures-inspiration/10713/)!

Read all the blogs on the BUZZ feed, and check back for more from our fashionista, April Kate!